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  1. Kavita Gupta

    Kavita Gupta Active Member Staff Member

    Dear XinFin Supporter,

    We thank you for the overwhelming response for XinFin XDC Pre ICO. We met our funding target well before time.

    Now, what happens next?

    1. XinFin is a fundamentally driven organization with focus on connecting real world to the XinFin blockchain network through IoT connectivity.

    2. We have ongoing pilots on peer to peer financing, supply chain finance, digital asset representation of real world equipments and IoT connected smart metering solutions for critical infrastructure projects like solar plants, water purifier machines and Government sponsored waste recycle machines.

    3. To conduct some of the pilots, XinFin XDC is being listed across some decentralised exchanges in the next 3-6 weeks. Existing token holders can trade XinFin XDC tokens against coins like BTC, ETH and XRP. We will keep you updated on these developments!

    4. In the real world, companies deliver value and then raise more capital. Companies don’t just raise millions of dollars of capital without proving an underlying value.

    5. XinFin will follow the real world fundamentals Vs. the Crypto world mechanics. We do not wish to raise too much capital without proving the intrinsic value of XinFin XDC network which could be worth trillions of dollars.

    6. Long term believers of XinFin XDC tokens may continue to hold their tokens before the Follow on ICO which will be backed by real world case studies.

    7. Those who wish to trade their XinFin XDC tokens against BTC, ETH or XRP can do so when it’s listed across some decentralised exchanges in 3-6 weeks time.

    If you feel, you have missed out on the ICO and want to purchase XDC before it trades on the decentralized exchanges, you can write to [email protected].

    If your request is minimum 5 BTC worth, then we will try to get you equivalent XDC as per the rate on website. Others can wait for 3-6 weeks to trade XinFin XDC on the decentralized exchanges.

    Here is XinFin Roadmap from now:

    · Listing XinFin XDC tokens across decentralised exchanges to conduct real world pilots. (2 to 3 weeks)(July-August 2017)

    · Launching Lite wallet for iOS and Android platform where one can hold the tokens. (4-6 weeks)

    · Release of Full technical white paper towards migration from Proof of Work to proof of stake/importance. (2 weeks)

    · Migration from Proof of Work to proof of stake (6-8 weeks)

    · Completion of Solar Plant Pilot (6-10 weeks)

    · Completion of Water purifier ATM Pilot (6-10 weeks)

    · LOI from Governments for undertaking large projects

    · Launching Follow on ICO with top exchanges

    What happened to the XinFin ICO:

    Since our start, XinFin has been engaging with Governments and large institutions for some of the pilot projects. Our goal is to be the safest and successful ICO after having demonstrated a real solution that is worth tremendous value and can be implemented in a production environment within the next year or two.

    Here are some of the preparations that are currently going on for the XinFin Follow on ICO which will cap it's publicly traded tokens at 10% of the entire supply.

    - Getting regulated institutions on board of XinFin

    - Securing LOI from Governments and Government approved institutions for large projects

    - Establish a directly FIAT linked market maker institution (preferably USD) for XinFin network as opposed to only being BTC and ETH linked. (The reason for this is that it is very difficult to get ICO funds raised in ETH and BTC to be converted into a fiat currency through compliant mechanisms.

    For any questions or any support to achieve above road map much faster than feel free to write to us at [email protected]

    - Team XinFin
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  2. Mark

    Mark New Member

    Will there be an ICO? I would like to purchase some tokens.
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  3. Kavita Gupta

    Kavita Gupta Active Member Staff Member

    Yes, soon you'll be getting ICO.
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  4. Mark

    Mark New Member

    Great, I thought the ICO was cancelled and we had to wait for exchange listing. You and your team have been working hard to provide real uses for the xinfin network. That creates real value for the project. Thanks again
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  5. Kavita Gupta

    Kavita Gupta Active Member Staff Member

    No, nothing like that. We are going for exchange listing so current user will have option for liquidity. Thanks a lot for your inspiring words. We will try our best to add real value to the project so that our supporters are adequately rejoiced too :)
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  6. Ashish

    Ashish New Member

    Hello Kavita,

    Hope you are doing well. Missed out on the Pre ICO. In order to get in before the ICO, would you not consider any investments below 5 btc ?
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  7. jaygatz

    jaygatz New Member

    @Kavita Gupta , any word on which exchanges XDC will be listed on? Thanks.
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  8. Kavita Gupta

    Kavita Gupta Active Member Staff Member

    Hi, thanks a lot for your interest. Yes, I am good, hope you are in the pink of health as well. I would request you to please get in touch with us at [email protected] for pre ICO purchase queries.

    Thanks once again Ashish :)
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  9. Kavita Gupta

    Kavita Gupta Active Member Staff Member

    Hi, we are currently working on integration mechanism with some exchanges. As soon as it's live we will update this on site.

    You can see below it is under processing at one of the exchanges i.e. Novaexchange So, it will take some time. Thanks :)

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  10. Kavita Gupta

    Kavita Gupta Active Member Staff Member

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  11. jaygatz

    jaygatz New Member


    Thanks for being so transparent when questions are put to you.
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  12. Kavita Gupta

    Kavita Gupta Active Member Staff Member

    You're welcome..that's what we are here for :)
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  13. Mark

    Mark New Member

  14. Kavita Gupta

    Kavita Gupta Active Member Staff Member

  15. supersnips

    supersnips New Member

    hey Kavita, are you also working with some bigger exchanges like bittrex or poloniex or cryptopia? or are you planning to do this after ico? regards
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  16. Kavita Gupta

    Kavita Gupta Active Member Staff Member

    Hi, the site is working now..sorry for the inconvenience :)
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  17. Kavita Gupta

    Kavita Gupta Active Member Staff Member

    Hi, thanks for your query. Since we are on a permissioned network, we need a bit more time to list with exchanges. We are in talks with 2-3 exchanges. Will soon bring you the update :)
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