XinFin Materializes The Most Progressive Blockchain Technology For Real-Time Use Cases

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    Bitcoin surged to all-time new highs, smashing through $14,000 and hitting above $19,000 in increased frenzied trading on Coinbase exchange. December 7, 2017 might be another rip-roaring day for this digital currency; people cannot turn a blind eye to its screaming recovery from a 20 percent drop last week. Yet, again, Bitcoin slumped to $14,566 from earlier day’s high of $17,153. Bitcoin rocketed above $19,300 before notching a huge drop on December 8, 2017. The current scenario points out to a short-term euphoria and these maniac price levels have put the cryptocurrency in a place where it can suffer a severe crash. The recent price fluctuations in Bitcoin imply that the cryptocurrency is highly volatile where it can go as high as 10x the current price in US dollars and slump to 20-30 percent in a relatively short period of time.

    XinFin CTO, Karan Bharadwaj said, “Bitcoin’s excruciating volatility makes it highly unacceptable for real-world trade use cases. Such price downturns might result in heavy losses to participants involved. XinFin’s XDC blockchain has the potential to make an outsized impact on offsetting price volatility—all thanks to its easily deployable smart contracts that clock in a unique hedging feature.”

    With this technological innovation, recipients receive exact FIAT value of their trade (net of commissions), at the time of smart contract closure. Established by XinFin, the hedge pool is the least complicated and ‘safest’ way to mitigate the risks of XDC trading where 10% of XDC tokens will always stay reserved for guaranteeing the trade.

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