When Is the ICO happening and when do the tokens go to market?

Discussion in 'XDC Development' started by Kavita Gupta, Aug 21, 2017.

  1. mrkush

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    Agreed, it's really looking like a scam at this point. Sad, I was ready to invest much more but I just can not do it at this point. The website does not really say anything, I think it is just meant to sound technical but anyone who knows anything will know the site really gives no real info on the team, project, or XDC blockchain. I really hope I am wrong about it and if they give some real info about it and show real progress and not just talk I will invest more for sure.
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  2. mrkush

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    Wow lol, just like the website, lots of words but no real info. Lots of buzz words with no substance and as far as "So, until we prove the intrinsic value of our XDC network, we request everyone (who has shown a belief in XDC or who’s planning to buy XDC) to hold their tokens." we really have no choice but to hold! How the hell are we to sell when we can't send tokens to any outside of xinfin, hell for all I know the blockchain does not even exist. That's the one thing about your so-called private blockchain, there is no way to confirm anything about it.
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  3. Kavita Gupta

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    Hi, you seem to be quite disappointed with all the things! please join us at https://t.me/xinfintalk , it's our telegram (mobile) app. We've just thrown it open to public. I was about to post it on forum. There's a lot going on this app, please join if you think you're stuck with something you don't want!

    And, one more thing, we don't believe in saying things, we believe in doing things. You have all the right to doubt but we are working on our end to fulfill things we've promised so far :)

    All inputs (whether positive or negative) will help us know where we stand in the market!

    Thanks for your interest :)
  4. Kavita Gupta

    Kavita Gupta Active Member Staff Member

    One more thing if you want to sell your tokens, please let us know. We'll arrange for the same and you can exit :) You can write to us at [email protected], we will surely resolve your problem. Please inform me here when you do so, i will inform the team to arrange for the same.

    I hope that solves all of your problems.

  5. supersnips

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    Any updates? On exchanges? Ico?
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  6. Kavita Gupta

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    Hi, the trade exchanges will be announced when trading pair goes live. There are many who are working on integration. Since XDC protocol is a new chain, there are additional layers of integration. This decision has been mainly taken to address the security issues with ICOs and large institutional participation that has been expressed. And, the fact that we need larger round in bank account as opposed to cryptos can’t be negated. As we roll out our pilots, we will need to go for upto $500m round. We are filing follow on offering prospectus with MAS.

    *Please join us at our telegram app, you'll get to discuss and know a lot there :) The link is: t.me/xinfintalk


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