Report Of XinFin Meet-Up in Goborone-Botswana

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    The first ever XinFin Africa Meet-Up took place at the Satoshi Centre in Gaborone Botswana on Friday the 30th June 2017. Initially, I was expecting 40 Bureaucrats and private contractors but the latter at the last minute requested I should do a presentation on XinFin separately for the members of their Association on Wednesday the 5th of July 2017.

    In all 15 government officials from various departments of Works and Housing to Procurement attended the event. In a 45 minutes presentation, I took them through the Genesis of the Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies and how it works.

    Then I painted the horrible picture of infrastructure deficits across the globe especially in the developing world using statistics from Africa to buttress my points. After making sure they have grasped the existing situation, I proceeded to the solution XinFin offers.

    Blockchain Solution Through XinFin

    In fact, most of my audience knew about the difficulties in securing funding for projects in Africa and the associated risk of increased tax burden to finance them by governments. Moreover, the unwillingness of financiers to finance low rating projects was obvious to them.

    It was therefore easy to explain to them how XinFin creates incentives for financiers with 25 percent bounty and our XDC tokens which are inflation resistant by giving them smart-exchange resources over XDC for equity investments and risk-hedging to fund projects with a low buyer and seller ratings.

    They were taken through how the Xinfin platform comes with a crowdsource trait that allows individuals to initiate a project of public interest promoting it with crowdsource and support. When the project is backed by a minimum number of votes, it is then open in the marketplace for project management consultants who will bid for the process of management from conceptualization to execution with entire workflow from design to sourcing of materials also being available on with full transparency.

    I also touched on how the XDC blockchain can process instantaneous cross-border payments and settlements using XDC. This will allow them to pay for projects through our agents and partners locally and receive funds easily and conveniently.

    The next 45 minutes was dedicated to questions & Answers to enable my audience to remove all cobwebs in their minds. The most important question that came across was what is XinFin's interest in bringing sellers and buyers on a platform, and my answer was it will help grow the value of our tokens.

    I urged participants to buy some of XinFin's XDC Token since it is a prudent investment.

    Action Plan

    Moving forward, I want to run the presentation for the Contractors Association on Wednesday evening if I'm given the green light. There was also a request from one of the participants to run a seminar for staff of the procurement office.

    I have made contacts in Malawi and Zambia and they are eager to host me there to introduce them to XinFin. My Malawian host who runs Bitcoin Malawi has informed me about how government officials he pitched the idea with were interested.

    In the meantime, I will suggest we work with the UN to roll out their projects in Africa and use them to facilitate getting more African governments and institutions on board. I proposed a similar thing to the Humaniq project when I was working with them as a consultant on their Ambassadorial and Advisory project. It worked perfectly for them and currently, they are rolling out bank accounts on smartphones for refugees in Ghana to receive remittances from the UN, which is also aiding their pilot.

    It will be helpful if I am given the role as the African Community Manager in getting more institutions in the continent on board. I look forward to an internship with your outfit to assist me to gather more knowledge about the project
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