e27: Asia's largest Tech media platform features XinFin's marketplace platform TradeFinex

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    e27: Asia's largest Tech media platform features XinFin's peer to peertrade and financing platform,TradeFinex

    TradeFinex aims to minimise global infra investment deficit using its blockchain-powered P2P financing platform

    TradeFinex enables P2P financing between governments, corporations, buyers and suppliers, and makes efficient use of capital and deploys projects without burdening the government treasury

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    In many under-developed and developing countries, demand for infrastructure and other government services is on the rise. But many of these countries are grappling with the challenge of delivering increased investment due to constrained fiscal budgets. This often forces their respective governments to focus on prioritising infrastructure investments in favour of projects that can deliver increased economic growth and social benefit.

    And this often hurts human-centric developments.

    “Infrastructure prioritisation is often an informal process and there is no standard process or approach at either the state or the central government level,” says Sameer Dharap, Co-founder of XinFin Fintech. “This prioritisation leads to delays and implementation of projects that may not necessarily drive the economic growth. The current global infrastructure deficit is estimated to be US$5 trillion, and governments and institutions around the world are struggling to get financing for their infrastructure boost.”

    This is where Singapore-based startup XinFin fits in. Founded in January 2017 by a group of entrepreneurs Dharap, Peter Yeo, JackXu, Atul Khekade, Ritesh Kakkad, and Karan Bharadwaj, XinFin aims to minimise inefficiencies in trade and financing using a blockchain-powered P2P marketplace, called TradeFinex.

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