2 Factor Authentication

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by tapas7sep, Jun 13, 2017.

  1. tapas7sep

    tapas7sep New Member

    2 Factor Authentication is essential for currently for any site that deals with transaction and socially any site deals crypto currency . Kindly implement ASAP ,
    OTP base 2 factor Authentication is relatively costly and their are issues with OTP delivery via SMS.
    Better way to implement using Google authenticator as it is easy and also standard among all the prominent currency exchanges so hopefully it would be better to it . Let mw know if any further information required
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  2. Alex Mathbeck

    Alex Mathbeck Administrator Staff Member

    Hi Tapas. It's a high priority item and is currently being implemented.
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  3. jaygatz

    jaygatz New Member

    Hi Alex. Any update on this?
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  4. Kavita Gupta

    Kavita Gupta Active Member Staff Member

    Hi Jaygatz, we already added the 2FA feature when we released XDC. As of now, we are using email to send over code for transaction verification and will be soon adding Google 2FA for logging in. Thanks for your query :)
  5. jaygatz

    jaygatz New Member

    Awesome. Will you all be using Google Authenticator?
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  6. Kavita Gupta

    Kavita Gupta Active Member Staff Member

    Thanks for your words. Yes, we're planning to do so in near future.
  7. Kavita Gupta

    Kavita Gupta Active Member Staff Member

    An important announcement for all the community members:

    From now on, when you'll be logging into your forum account, you'll be asked for an OTP. You'll be receiving this OTP over your registered Email Id with the forum. This 2FA or 2 Factor Authentication is implemented keeping in mind the security of community forum and it members. As mentioned earlier, this is essential for our site as we deal with cryptocurrency where security can't be compromised at any cost!

    Sorry for any inconvenience caused. I seek your support and cooperation in this :)

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  8. jaygatz

    jaygatz New Member

    I've been using it. It appears to be working fine.
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  9. Mark

    Mark New Member

    Same here, it works great.
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  10. Kavita Gupta

    Kavita Gupta Active Member Staff Member

    That's great :)
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  11. Kavita Gupta

    Kavita Gupta Active Member Staff Member

    That's good and thanks for liking almost every reply of the XinFin team :)

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