XinFin is Looking For Core Blockchain Programmer

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    XinFin is looking for a core programmer with the following skills:

    BLOCKCHAINS(Bitcoin, Ethereum, Hyperledger, Lisk, etc.)

    Just wanted to give you all a brief heads up on my background:-

    1. I have been working as a Distributed Ledger(Ethereum/Bitcoin/Hyperledger) Consultant and a Full Stack Web Developer(MEAN stack) for last 2.5 years. I have been onsite to Arizona, US to handle client projects and primarily deal with US and French clientele.

    2. Being an all round software development Ninja I am experienced in end to end software life cycle and have made MEAN(Mongo, Express, Angular Js, Node Js) stack based Softwares, blockchains solutions, IBM watson bluemix apps, IPFS structures and Docker solutions from scratch. I have also been a part of various PoCs(AI, Bitcoin, BlockChains, Proxy voting, trade finance with IoT,etc).

    3. I am also pretty active in open source community and have a good github profile to showcase applications that I have made and tested from scratch.

    I like to communicate actively with my clients throughout project life cycles and keep all stakeholders in loop all the time.

    Developer for dependable blockchains or web freelancing services

    Development of smart contracts on Ethereum and Lisk.
    Development of Chaincode on Hyperledger.
    Implementing different use cases revolving around crypto currencies.
    Development of Decentralized applications and implementing various use cases around
    Open Ledger technologies.
    Integrating peer to peer architecture of blockchains with other applications.
    DevelopmentofRest APIs for web and VR projects.
    Creating reliable and fast Server Side solutions using Node JS(major) and J2EE(minor).
    Working on responsive UIs using frontend JavaScript frameworks/libraries- Angular JS,
    Designing various Web solutions using open source/proprietary APIs (Google Maps
    APIs, IBM Bluemix)
    Designing database schemas – Sql(Oracle, Synchrony), No Sql(MongoDB) for different
    product offerings.

    EasyGP – Customized stack solution - Angular JS, Rest APIs, J2EE,Ajax.
    Telefonica – Server side APIs using IBM bluemix technology.
    YELP – Client server application for Yelp data challenge

    FrontEnd : Schematic UI, Angular JS
    BackEnd : Node JS, Express
    Didtributed Ledger used : Bitcoin, Ethereum
    Dapp framework : Truffle

    • Languages : Solidity, JavaScript, Chaincode, Core Java(minor)
    • Technologies : Blockchains, MEAN, ELK, REST, AWS, AJAX, Docker
    • Blockchain Platforms : Ethereum, Hyperledger, Quorum, Bitcoin, Gulden
    • Frameworks/Libraries : Node JS, Angular JS, jQuery, Express JS, Truffle
    • Block chains Tools : Truffle, TestRPC, Geth, Hypereledger, Bit-Core
    • Package Managers : NPM, bower
    • Automation : Gulp, Grunt, Jenkins
    • Products : B2Bi, Interchange, Integrator, Postman, WAPT
    • Databases : MySQL, MongoDB, Synchrony, Redis, ElasticSearch
    • Operating System : Windows 7, Ubuntu 14.04
    • Transaction formats : JSON, XML, Pedigree

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