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    1. Hands-on experience in full stack web application development

    2. Proficient in Django , Ruby and Rails, Flask. Django is the key requirement here.

    3. Proficient in Javascript, bonus if Typescript too.

    4. Proficient in RESTful API standards and best practices (VERY important)

    5. Knowledge of Linux/Unix

    6. Proficient in Git

    7. Experience with test-driven development

    8. Knowledge of other languages like Python and Go (also would be important but it's harder to get)

    9. Prior open source contributions

    Blockchain Experience

    1. Deep knowledge and understanding of public blockchain platforms such as Bitcoin, Ethereum,Ripple, Stellar and most importantly XDC.

    2. Development experience on Ethereum at the blockchain level

    3. Experience with writing smart contracts.

    4. Experience with Geth and understanding of how both rpc and ipc work.

    5. Understanding of encryption/signatures, cryptography, asymmetric, symmetric and hash functions.

    6. Hand-on experience of working on Open source technologies & learning new languages such as Solidity


    * Execute test driven software development and write efficient and maintainable code

    * Evolve and scale the backend infrastructure to meet demands of growing business

    * Implement best security workflows for all transactional operations

    * Maintain and evolve the web application layer

    * Manage infrastructure components with monitoring tools and keep systems in good health

    If interested, kindly send us your updated resume on [email protected]. For more information please check company's website :-


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