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    I am a Fintech Journalist from Ghana West Africa whose interest is exploring how Blockchain and Cryptocurrency technologies can be leveraged to hasten growth in Africa. My pen name is Frisco d'Anconia. At the moment I am travelling through my continent promoting Blockchain/Cryptocurrencies and writing about its communities. The tour has been dubbed, 'Across Africa With Bitcoin'.

    Less than a fortnight ago, I had the opportunity to write about XinFin, and how the technology is bridging the global infrastructure deficit for the CryptoCoinsNews. In fact, I instantly fell in love with this innovative project. In my honest opinion, it is the panacea to the immense infrastructure inadequacy in the African continent and everywhere. Actually, it also strengthened my belief that the Blockchain has a solution for every quandary in the world.

    Therefore, I am so interested in taking a month break from my tour to do an internship with XinFin. This would allow me to learn more about the project and grasp how to explain it lucidly to everyone. My goal is to promote it to African governments, institutions and individuals who are interested in undertaking any infrastructural development.

    During the internship, I intend to write every week for a different media outlet to promote this laudable initiative. Afterwards, I would also organise Meet-Ups about XinFin across Africa as part of my tour through the continent. Also, I would develop an action plan that will advocate the use of the XinFin Platform by African governments seeking to expand their infrastructure backbone.

    I see the company as a timely initiative to deliver the poor from infrastructure poverty. This is my motivation.
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    Hi Kofi. We are shortly launching our IoT Enabled Public Infrastructure finance architecture and would love to offer you an internship once it is released. Please hold on while we are getting some things ready.
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    My greatest appreciation.
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    One tip I might offer up for to be very conscious of when trying to explain to people who you are explaining the new BlockChain / Cryptocurrency to for the first time.
    If I could go back to when I was first explained what the BlockChain was, I would ask the person who told me about BlockChain and crypto, to use words that interchange between the persons known vocabulary & the newly formed words connected with the technology, this will help the average person to comprehend the actual vastness of size the subject.
    Also, giving a short overview of what you are about to speak about in lay men's terms before getting into details of each complex section. That's what would have helped grasp BlockChain much quicker. Good luck
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