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    Hello There

    XinFin is looking for a Blockchain Developer. The candidate must fulfill the following requirements:

    · Exposure or eagerness to learn at least one of the blockchain platforms such as Bitcoin, Ethereum,Ripple, Stellar and most importantly XDC.

    · A thorough understanding of major cryptocurrencies, especially the Bitcoin.

    · Experience of working with different distributed databases. A deep knowledge of several distributed consensus procedures.

    · Understanding of encryption/signatures, cryptography, asymmetric, symmetric and hash functions.

    · Hands-on knowledge of using any or all of the given (or similar) languages: Golang, Java, Scala, Erlang, Haskell, Rust, Python, C, C++ and C#

    · Hand-on experience of working on Open source technologies & learning new languages such as Solidity

    · And, much more.

    Please contact us with your resume and cover letter at for the same. Thanks a lot!
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