Blockchain Applications Head Sameer Dharap & CTO Karan Bharadwaj At Blockchain Techology Summit

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    Blockchain Technology Summit
    Event Overview

    India encouraging paperless transactions and moving towards a strategic plan to shift maximum percentage of transactions online which requires an authentic, strong and secure payment medium i.e., Blockchain Technology.

    As a result of this, a number of Indian banks and financial services have made substantial progress on understanding the opportunities of application and looking for effective strategies of implementing and integrating Blockchain technology within their company.

    With this in mind, we are pleased to announce that we are hosting the Inaugural Blockchain Technology Summit taking place from 07-09 November 2017 in Mumbai, which will bring together world-class experts, professionals and academicians to explore the potential of Blockchain technology and how it can be applied in India.

    XinFin at Blockchain Technology Summit

    Blockchain Technology Summit.jpeg

    Our Blockchain Applications Head, Sameer Dharap and CTO, Karan Bharadwaj are invited to speak at Blockchain Technology Summit on 07-09 November 2017, organized at Courtyard By Marriott in Mumbai where they will be speaking on effective strategies of implementing and integrating Blockchain Technology within their company.
    So, don't forget to read what they speak at our official twitter handle @XinfinF
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